Common DUI Defense Strategies

If you are facing DUI charges, we understand how overwhelming and stressful this situation is for you. Oftentimes, people assume that they have no chance of defeating these charges, but this is far from the truth. With an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side, you can mount an effective defense to protect your rights and future.

Defending Yourself Against a DUI

A DUI charge is not a guaranteed conviction. From the initial police stop to your trial, a lot can happen, and law enforcement officers are certainly not infallible. They may mishandle evidence, fail to follow protocol, or the stop itself may have been improper. The sooner you hire a DUI defense attorney, the sooner you can begin defending yourself against these charges.

Here are some common DUI defense strategies:

- The stop was improper: Police officers cannot arbitrarily stop private citizens without reasonable cause. In the context of a traffic stop, if you are not swerving, disobeying the speed limit, or breaking traffic laws, an officer will not have reasonable cause to stop you. Thus, any information or evidence gathered from an improper stop will be inadmissible.

- The sobriety field test was not properly administered: There are protocols for everything, including field sobriety tests. If the officer did not adhere to these procedures, it may result in the suppression of evidence gathered during these tests.

- You have a medical condition: In some cases, certain medical conditions can make a person seem drunk or incoherent. The scent of alcohol might even be present from those suffering from diabetes. For example, ketosis can result in an alcohol-like odor and may even register on a breathalyzer test as alcohol due to the fermentation of glucose in an individual’s bloodstream.

- You were not properly Mirandized: When a person is placed under arrest, law enforcement officers must Mirandize the individual. If the individual is not read these rights, evidence gathered afterward may be excluded.

You do not have to resign yourself to defeat if you were charged with a DUI. Hire an attorney as soon as possible.

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