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There are few things in life more devastating than to be charged with a sex crime such as possession of child pornography. In addition to the social stigma, you face the possibility of a lengthy prison sentence, followed by sex offender registration.

At Patton | Pittman in Clarksville, our attorneys defend people who have been charged with sex crimes throughout Middle Tennessee, including Fort Campbell. They understand the complex and technical nature of this unique type of criminal case. We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

What Is Possession of Child Pornography?

Child porn charges can result from having sexual images of someone under the age of 18 on your cell phone, computer or in your possession. You don't have to be involved in taking or distributing pictures to face serious charges. Even if you only viewed the images and deleted them, you can be charged with possession of child porn if police investigators are able to recover those deleted images from your computer's hard disk drive.

High school students can face child porn charges from "sexting." It is illegal to transmit sexual images of minors on a cell phone. In many cases, both the person sending and the person receiving the image are arrested, even if the picture is of yourself.

Possession of child pornography can also be charged as a federal offense. Even for a first offense, you may be facing five years or longer in federal prison.

Defenses in Child Pornography Cases

There may be several defenses in child pornography cases. Here are some examples:

  • Someone else used your computer or cell phone
  • Police violated your constitutional rights in the search and seizure
  • The images were not of a minor
  • The image count is inaccurate or falsified

Attorney Chris Clark has successfully defended child pornography and sexual exploitation cases. He has the skill, training, and experience necessary to attack the prosecution's case from multiple angles. He also brings six years of experience as an assistant district attorney and a wealth of trial experience to your defense. Our goal in a child pornography case is to resolve the case without the stigma of a criminal conviction or sex offender registration.

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