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When a loved one passes away, the settling of his or her estate can bring unwanted stress and family conflict. If you have been entrusted with the responsibility of handling an estate, having highly experienced legal representation can make your job much easier.

Experienced Probate and Estate Administration in Tennessee

At Patton | Pittman our firm has worked with Tennessee families in administering and probating estates for over two decades. This extensive experience has given us a wealth of knowledge and experience that your family can benefit from. Our approach is to work closely with our clients to resolve every aspect of each estate as smoothly and cost effectively as possible.

Know What to Expect in Probate and Estate Administration

There are important procedures to follow before inheritance can be distributed to heirs when a loved one passes away. Our comprehensive estate administration and probate practice includes:

  • Consultation and advice regarding estate documents, including whether the decedent had a will. Many people believe that if there isn't a will, assets pass to heirs without going through probate. However, probate is still required and assets will be distributed according to Tennessee intestate laws.
  • Identification of assets and debts and distribution of property.
  • Probate process, which can vary significantly depending on the complexity of the estate, if there are probate disputes, and various other factors. However, notification of the death must be given to creditors and a TennCare release must be obtained from the State of Tennessee prior to the conclusion of the probate process.
  • Claims and loan issues, with which we have extensive experience from both an estate's perspective and a creditor's perspective. In order for assets to be distributed and for the estate to be closed, Tennessee law requires all known claims/debts to be paid or resolved.
  • Real estate holdings and investments, which are areas in which our attorneys have extensive experience.
  • Negotiation and resolution of family disputes, which our attorneys have successfully handled in hundreds of cases.
  • Probate contests and probate litigation. This can be a very complicated process and our attorneys have vast knowledge and experience in representing clients going through will contests and probate litigation.

Highly Skilled Estate Administration Attorneys in Tennessee

Our attorneys have the experience to handle all aspects of probate and estate administration, from assisting the personal representative in the gathering of assets or paying debts to distributing inheritance to heirs and conducting a final accounting. We are known for outstanding client service and complete guidance in estate matters of every kind.

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