Drug Possession & Delivery

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Drug Possession and Delivery

Arrested for Drug Possession in Tennessee?

Drug charges involving possession or delivery of a controlled substance can result in serious consequences, including potential mandatory prison sentences, if convicted. Having an experienced drug crime defense lawyer advocating for your interests can make a significant difference in the outcome of your drug case.

Discuss Your Rights After a Drug Arrest

Our Clarksville lawyer Chris Clark offers aggressive, fearless advocacy for clients facing serious drug charges in Clarksville and the surrounding Tennessee communities. Call (931) 361-4477, or contact us online to schedule your free initial consultation.

We defend clients facing simple drug possession charges as well as more serious charges for possession for resale or delivery of illegal controlled substances, including:

  • Marijuana
  • Heroin
  • Cocaine or crack cocaine
  • Meth/crank (methamphetamines)
  • Other illegal drugs

We also handle cases involving unlawful possession of prescription pills and related trafficking or distribution charges.

Unparalleled Experience in Tennessee Drug Cases

Our clients benefit from the experience and knowledge we have acquired in working closely with law enforcement, both as defense attorneys and as colleagues. Attorney Chris Clark brings six years of experience as an Assistant District Attorney assigned to prosecute serious felony cases in Circuit Court, including major drug offenses. During that time, Mr. Clark oversaw multiple telephone wiretaps.

Drug charges involving drug possession and possession for resale and delivery (distribution) are weighted heavily on the confiscated drugs, wiretap evidence and other surveillance evidence. Forcefully attacking this evidence can result in evidence being suppressed from the record, reduced charges, reduced penalties or even dismissed charges. Search warrant violations and other violations of your rights are valid reasons for the court to suppress this evidence (and potentially any evidence derived from that evidence).

We focus on preserving your interests and pursuing the most favorable outcome based on the evidence. For some clients, this means vigorously fighting for a not guilty verdict at trial. For other clients, it means negotiating for diversion or getting the charges reduced — dramatically reducing the potential penalties.

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