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An arrest for possessing or dealing drugs can ripple into all aspects of your life — your freedom, your employment, and your family. Patton | Pittman will protect your rights and fight the charges in an effort to avoid prison and minimize the other consequences.

Our Clarksville criminal defense team has represented people of all walks of life accused of drug offenses, including college students, business owners, professionals, and military personnel from Fort Campbell. We practice in the criminal courts of Montgomery County, Houston County, Stewart County, Robertson County, Cheatham County, Dickson County, Humphreys County, Davidson County, and the surrounding areas of northern Tennessee.

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  • Possession of marijuana or unlawful drug paraphernalia (UDP)
  • Possession of cocaine, crack, meth/crank, or other controlled substances
  • Illegal possession of prescription drugs
  • Intent to sell or transportation of drugs
  • Possession for resale or delivery (trafficking or distribution)
  • Drug DUI

Challenging Drug Offenses

Whether you are arrested for simple possession or possession for resale or delivery, we understand what's at stake. You can count on Patton | Pittman to make every effort to avoid prison and a criminal conviction. Attorney Chris Clark will explain the charges, examine the evidence against you and give you an honest assessment of the likely outcome.

We first look for grounds to move for dismissal of charges or suppression of evidence. Was there probable cause for a traffic stop or a legally executed search warrant? Does the prosecutor's case depend on shady informants who are cutting a deal for themselves? Can the prosecutor really trace the drugs to you or support more than a simple possession charge?

If the prosecution has a solid case, we have the experience to negotiate for a favorable plea. Pleading guilty to a lesser crime may be preferable to mandatory prison terms of five, ten or more years for many drug crimes. Diversion is also an option for many drug crimes, that if eligible, will allow you to have the charge(s) expunged (erased) from your record. If the state's case is weak or the prosecutor won't deal, we are prepared to vigorously defend you at trial. Mr. Clark's experience as an Assistant District Attorney gives our defense team an advantage in knowing how to prepare your defense to counter the strategies of the prosecution.

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