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Protecting Fathers' Rights in Tennessee

Many fathers go into divorce thinking that they will not be able to get a fair shake from the court. At one time that might have been true, especially in issues such as child custody and visitation. In Tennessee and other states, those presumptions are changing.

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Advocating for Fathers' Custody Rights

In the past, mothers typically obtained custody of children, while fathers received visitation which was generally limited to every other weekend, some limited time during the week, every other holiday and approximately two weeks in the summer. The trend in Tennessee law is now to provide more equal parenting time. Fathers can also be awarded primary child custody when it is in the best interests of children.

Tennessee child support is based on a number of factors, including the incomes of both parents, the number of overnight visits the children have with each parent, and who pays for health coverage and child care. Either the father or the mother may receive child support.

Issues such as relocation are addressed by Tennessee statute and a specific procedure is provided to allow a parent to request the ability to relocate with a child. If you have visitation rights, the mother needs court permission to remove children from Tennessee if you object to the move and attorney Chris Pittman can help you in these cases.

Legal Guidance for Unmarried Fathers

In Tennessee, the father of a child born out of wedlock has no custody rights until a court says so. Our lawyers represent fathers in parentage actions (also known as paternity actions) to establish the rights of unmarried fathers and obtain appropriate parenting time.

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