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A second DUI conviction is an important crossroads in your life. While a first DUI conviction can take a heavy toll on your finances and your career, the consequences increase substantially with each subsequent conviction.

At Patton | Pittman in Clarksville, our attorneys defend people who have multiple DUI convictions in Middle Tennessee, including Fort Campbell soldiers who are charged with DUI in Tennessee. We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

Tennessee DUI Penalties

The following chart summarizes Tennessee DUI penalties. The actual penalties you face will depend on the facts of your case.

DUI ChargePenalties
First Offense

· A minimum 48 hours jail time

· $350 - $1,500 fine

· One year driver's license revocation (you may be eligible for a restricted or conditional license)

· If your BAC is over .15, you may be subject to a mandatory ignition interlock breathing device

Second Offense

· A minimum 45 days in jail

· $600 - $3,500 fine

· Two years driver's license revocation (with no restricted or conditional license your first year)

· If the second offense is within five years of your first, you may be subject to a mandatory ignition interlock breathing device

Third Offense

· A minimum of 120 days in jail

· $1,100 - $10,000 fine

· Three years driver's license revocation

Fourth Offense

· You may be charged with a felony

· At least 100 consecutive days in jail

· $3,000 - $15,000 fine

· Five years driver's license revocation

In addition to these penalties, you will need to attend DUI classes, perform community service, and pay other costs and fees. To have your driver's license reinstated, you will need to purchase SR-22 auto insurance, which can be very costly.

Even if your previous DUI offenses were reduced to "first offenses" as a result of plea negotiations, those convictions still count when determining the penalties you face for a future arrest. For example, if you have three prior offenses that were all reduced to first offenses, you could still be charged with felony DUI if you are arrested a fourth time.

Avoiding Multiple DUI Convictions

The best way to avoid multiple DUI convictions is to avoid having a first conviction. Even if you failed a roadside sobriety or blood alcohol test, it may be possible to overcome the state's evidence against you. Learn more about DUI defenses.

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