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Defending Against Assault & Battery Charges in Tennessee

In Tennessee, any kind of offensive contact between two people can be considered assault, even if there is no visible sign of injury to the alleged victim. If the contact results in serious bodily injury or involves the use of a weapon, you can be charged with aggravated assault, which is a felony.

At Patton | Pittman in Clarksville, our criminal defense attorneys defend people charged with misdemeanor and felony assault throughout Middle Tennessee. We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

Minimize the Impact of Assault Charges on Your Future

Many people who face assault charges focus on consequences such as fines or jail time, but the long-term consequence of having a permanent criminal record can be far more serious. An employer could decide not to hire you and you could be turned down for housing based on a single incident in your life.

Avoiding an assault conviction on your record is important to your future. We will seek to minimize the effect of an assault arrest on your future. Attorney Chris Clark brings six years of experience as an assistant district attorney and a wealth of trial experience to your defense.

Defending You Against Assault Charges

Just because police have accused you of a crime does not mean that they have enough evidence to convict you in a court of law. Self-defense and defense of others are defenses against assault charges. Remember, the government always has the burden of proving the case against you beyond a reasonable doubt. This is the highest burden in the law and, in many cases, is very difficult for the government to meet.

When investigating an assault, police officers will try to determine the primary aggressor. However, police may not take the time to fully investigate or make an accurate determination. They may assume that the person with the more serious injuries is the victim. Our role as your criminal defense attorneys is to fill in the gaps left by police. We may be able to show that you were not the primary aggressor.

Diversion and expungement: If you are eligible, pretrial or judicial diversion allows you the opportunity to resolve your case without a criminal record, sometimes without pleading guilty.

Understanding Aggravated Assault Sentencing in Tennessee

The aggravated assault sentence Tennessee law states that the person charged with aggravated assault faces felony charges. A Class C felony charge can result in a three to 15-year sentence and a fine of up to $10,000. A Class D felony charge can indicate a prison sentence of two to 12 years and a fine of up to $5,000.

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