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You may feel like you don't have enough property or are too young to consider establishing a will. Nothing could be further from the truth. When the unexpected happens, a will can serve as a roadmap outlining how your assets should be distributed. If you do not have a will at the time you pass away, the state of Tennessee will determine how your assets will be distributed and your family members may not necessarily get the assets you would have wanted them to receive.

Establishing Wills Based on Our Clients' Plans for Their Estate

At Patton | Pittman, we are committed to helping you take the guesswork out of how your assets should be distributed. Collectively, our attorneys have more than 60 years of experience. We know the estate planning laws and the regulations you must follow. But, our work is only as successful as the time we spend tailoring our approach based on your needs. We do not offer standard estate plans. Instead, we will work with you to understand the details you would like included. Contact our Clarksville will attorneys to learn more about our client-driven approach during a free initial consultation.

We Can Help You Draft a Customized Will

Establishing a will is a fundamental piece of estate planning. Whether you recently got married, have children or own any assets, you should consider drafting a will. This can be done as detailed or simple as you would like.

During an initial consultation, one of our lawyers will meet with you to understand the extent of your estate. We will work with you to identify all of your assets and how would you like them distributed. You may choose to have your assets distributed to your spouse, your children, your siblings or maybe even your favorite charity. You have the discretion to decide how you would like your assets distributed down the road. We are highly skilled at establishing clear terms in an effort to avoid any ambiguity or confusion over your intentions. A will can also be used to:

  • Appoint a legal guardian — If you have minor children, you may want to consider naming someone to act as their legal guardian, in case something were to happen to either of their parents.
  • Name a durable power of attorney — If you become unable to handle your financial affairs, the person you name as a power of attorney could make decisions in your best interests.
  • Establish a health care power of attorney — If you become incapacitated, the person you name as a health care power of attorney would be responsible to make medical decisions on your behalf based on parameters outlined in a living will.
  • Living will — This allows you to decide life support measures and also designate whether you intend to donate your organs. A living will is a document that allows you to make these decisions, so your family members and loved ones are not forced to make these very difficult decisions on your behalf.

Protecting Your Loved One's Intentions in Wills Contests

We not only have experience establishing wills, but we are also highly skilled at defending the intentions someone had when creating one. All too often, probate disputes erupt after a loved one passes away. Family members can get lost in bitter quarrels, especially when the terms of a will are vague. Some relatives may believe their loved one was coerced to include certain terms in the will. In other cases, family members may believe their loved one did not have the mental capacity to make sound decisions at the time their will was created. No matter what allegations are made, we are highly skilled at preserving the intentions of a will in probate litigation.

Contact a Skilled Will Drafting Attorney in Montgomery County

If you are looking to establish a will, do not select just any attorney. The right lawyer will know how to effectively develop a will and mitigate the potential for future disputes. At Patton | Pittman, this has been our focus for years. Contact our law firm today for a free initial consultation in Clarksville, Tennessee. We will work with you to avoid any ambiguities so your family clearly knows your intentions.

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