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Do you believe your loved one was coerced into changing the terms of a will just before he or she passed away? Are your relatives claiming your loved one lacked the mental capacity at the time a will was established? If you or your family members are challenging the validity of a family member's will, make sure you have an experienced probate litigation attorney on your side.

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At Patton | Pittman in Tennessee, we are committed to helping you navigate past any hurdles to preserve your loved one's legacy. Our attorneys have extensive experience handling wills contests in probate litigation. We have seen family disputes escalate over allegations that someone used undue influence to sway the terms of a will. In other cases, families may question the validity of a will if they believe their loved was suffering from Alzheimer's or another illness threatening his or her mental capacity. No matter what you are up against, we have the skills to take on highly complicated will disputes. Contact our Clarksville will contest attorneys today to learn how we can help you take action.

Handling Will Contests in Montgomery County

A will is the most fundamental element of estate planning designed to provide families with a blueprint over how their estate should be handled. Unfortunately, administering an estate is not always straightforward. During probate, it is not unusual for families to question the terms of a will, especially when wills are written with contradictory terms.

Family disputes can also arise when relatives have a reason to believe someone coerced their loved one or possibly committed estate fraud. Our probate lawyers have extensive experience handling estate disputes. We are fully prepared to help you fight for a will to remain intact or challenge a will based on allegations of:

  • Coercion — Do you believe a caretaker, relative or family friend became unusually close to your loved one just before he or she passed away? Unfortunately, this is not rare. Senior citizens often depend on neighbors and others in close proximity to address their daily needs. We can help you take action if you believe someone used undue influence to take advantage of your loved one for their own financial gain.
  • Fraudulent or invalid will — The terms of a will can only be executed, if it is considered valid. If your loved one lacked the mental capacity to make sound decisions, the terms of the will could be challenged. We can also take action if you believe your family member's signature was forged or other fraudulent actions were taken.
  • Lack of mental capacity Illnesses such an Alzheimer's or Parkinson's can put individual's mental capacity at great risk. If your loved one was suffering from a disease that threatened his or her ability to make sound decisions, this may be grounds to challenge the validity of a will.
  • Duress – if you believe that your loved one was pressured or threatened, then this may also be grounds to challenge the validity of the will.

Will contests are rarely black and white. We are fully prepared to plead your case with the evidence to back up your allegations. Our legal team will incorporate any expert testimony or witness statements to demonstrate why a will should be upheld or challenged.

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Probate disputes can be convoluted and emotionally draining. When the stakes are high, make sure you have an experienced probate litigation attorney in your corner. Our law firm has extensive experience handling emotionally complicated disputes. We are committed to protecting your best interests, while seeking to uphold your loved one's legacy. Contact our law firm today for a free initial consultation in Clarksville, Tennessee.

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