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Sex Offender Registry

Clarksville Lawyers: Sex Offender Cases

Tennessee sex offender registry laws are extremely rigid and unforgiving. Our attorneys at Patton | Pittman recognize the stakes are high in cases involving the potential for sex offender registration. In addition, with the change in Tennessee laws increasing sex offender registration violations from misdemeanor offenses to felony offenses, we understand the implications of violating the registry.

We provide fierce advocacy and defense representation to clients in jeopardy of sex offender registration in a sex crime case and we provide zealous defense to clients facing charges for violating their registration requirements. Fight for your rights and reputation. Contact Patton | Pittman for a free consultation with an experienced attorney.

What It Means to Be Placed on the Sex Offender Registry

If you have been placed on the Tennessee sex offender registry following a sex crime conviction, you will have significant limitations on where you live or work and in your daily operations. For example, people listed on Tennessee's sex offender registry are prohibited from living within 1,000 feet of a school and from working in any occupation that involves being around children. Additionally, if you are placed on the sex offender registry, you will be required to gain permission to travel out of state and to notify law enforcement of any changes in employment, residence, contact information, and other pertinent information.

Violation of Sex Offender Registry Restrictions is a Felony Offense

Violating conditions of the sex offender registration is a separate felony offense. Therefore, if convicted, your criminal record will include a minimum of two felony convictions — the sex crime conviction that resulted in sex offender registration and the conviction for violation of the registry. Not only does this expose you to mandatory jail time if you are convicted for this offense, it enhances the potential penalties you may face with any future criminal convictions (not just sex crime convictions).

Our defense attorney, Chris Clark, understands the serious implications of sex offender registration and what is at stake for violating the registry. In his experience as former Assistant District Attorney, Chris Clark participated in legislative material that reshaped the sex offender registry in Tennessee. Therefore, he has a detailed understanding of the current law. In his experience as a former prosecutor, he also worked closely with the single law enforcement officer that oversees all registered sex offenders in Montgomery County.

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