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After a loved one passes away, any will he or she created will need to move through probate for examination and to make the will actionable. Wills that are properly drafted may move relatively quickly through probate, but incomplete or poorly-created wills could get tied up in the process. Whether you need help pushing a will through a contested probate or simply want someone to assist you with will and estate administration duties, our Clarksville probate attorneys from Patton & Pittman Attorney should be your first choice of representation and counsel.

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When Probate Litigation is Necessary

In an ideal situation, a decedent’s will can pass through probate with no issue and no delay. However, any sort of complication that slows down the process could end up requiring litigation to resolve amicably. At the least, a Clarksville probate lawyer from our firm can be retained to review and interpret a will, trust, or other estate plan tool to determine how it was meant to operate and which party has interpreted its instructions more accurately.

Probate litigation in Tennessee could become necessary if:

  • A will is drafted incorrectly and cannot be interpreted reasonably by the probate court.
  • Someone challenges a provision in a will, such as the naming of beneficiaries, and provides convincing evidence that the challenge is validated.
  • A party has reasonable belief that the will was created in undue conditions, such as a third party intentionally influences the testator for their advantage.

Beyond helping you settle legal disputes due to a contested will or complicated probate process, our Clarksville probate attorneys are capable of assisting you with the usual steps and necessities of probate. From start to finish, you can hand your administrative duties to our team, focus on other aspects of your personal or professional life, and allow us to navigate probate on your behalf.

In probate, you can allow us to manage the five key aspects of the case:

  1. Validating the decedent’s will to the court.
  2. Cataloging all property and assets of the decedent.
  3. Appraising significant property pieces, such as homes or businesses.
  4. Using assets to pay off any debts or outstanding taxes.
  5. Distributing remaining assets to beneficiaries as directed.

Avoiding Probate Disputes Through Effective Estate Planning

Probate litigation can be a complex and time-consuming process, often leading to disputes among family members and beneficiaries. By working with our experienced estate planning attorneys at Patton & Pittman, you can proactively avoid potential probate conflicts through strategic planning.

Our team can help you create a comprehensive estate plan that includes:

  • Establishing trusts to distribute assets outside of probate
  • Designating conservators for minors or incapacitated individuals
  • Drafting clear and detailed wills to outline your wishes
  • Naming beneficiaries for retirement accounts and life insurance policies

By taking the necessary steps to plan your estate effectively, you can minimize the risk of probate disputes and ensure that your assets are distributed according to your wishes. 

Benefits of estate planning include:

  • Peace of mind knowing your loved ones are taken care of
  • Avoiding probate and minimizing estate taxes
  • Protecting your assets from creditors
  • Ensuring your healthcare and financial decisions are carried out as you wish


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