What Are the Consequences of Simple Possession?

In Tennessee, simple drug possession is when a person is found with a controlled substance but only possessed it for personal use (was not attempting to sell it).

Simple possession can be defined as:

  1. knowingly possessing a substance;
  2. casually exchanging a substance or giving out ½ an ounce at most of marijuana; or
  3. possessing a substance without a valid medical prescription.

A simple possession charge is a misdemeanor but can become a felony if a person has been charged twice previously. It can also become a felony if the person casually exchanges the substance with a minor or the exchange took place near a school.

Penalties for Simple Possession

Socially speaking, a simple drug possession charge can make it difficult for an offender to enroll in higher education or gain scholarships; it can also conflict with either a current job or future employment opportunities.

A simple possession charge is a misdemeanor. Penalties for crimes of this nature will vary depending on how many times a person has been charged.

If it is the first time a person has been charged with a Class A misdemeanor, they could face the following punishments:

  1. up to 11 months and 29 days in jail;
  2. probation;
  3. a fine between $250 and $750; and/or
  4. any court costs related to the charges.

The punishments become increasingly more severe for a person who repeats a simple possession offense. For example:

  1. a second offense conviction can increase the fine to between $500 and $850; and
  2. a third offense conviction (or higher) can increase the fine to a minimum of $1,000 and makes the charge a felony.

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