Gun Theft is Now a Felony in Tennessee


The Tennessean recently reported an increase in guns stolen from automobiles. The report claims that 5,386 guns were stolen from automobiles in Tennessee in 2022. This statistic was obtained from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

Felony Offense

Theft of a firearm is now a felony in Tennessee. The value of the weapon is immaterial. Since 2021, even if the value of the firearm is less than $1,000, stealing a gun is still a felony.

Defenses to Theft

If you have been charged with theft, there are some affirmative defenses under Tennessee law. Perhaps you honestly believed that the property was yours or that the services were owed to you. Maybe you believed that you had the right to obtain or exercise control over the property. Did you believe that the owner of the property would consent? Any of these may be a viable defense in Tennessee.

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