I've Been Accused of Drug Possession. Now What?

When it comes to drug possession, police would have you believe that you’ve been caught red-handed. They want you to feel like your case is hopeless, and you might as well go along with whatever they ask, attempting to secure a lighter sentence.

Remember, police like to secure arrests, and prosecutors like getting convictions. Higher numbers look good on their records, so they do whatever they can to get their arrests and their guilty verdicts. This volume-only approach doesn’t reflect the truth. It only represents numbers on a scorecard.

Don’t allow the authorities to convince you that your case is unwinnable. In our country, everyone is innocent until proven guilty, and you have a constitutional right to a defense.

Here are some effective defenses you can use against drug possession allegations.

Unwitting Possession

In this defense, you are claiming that you were unaware that you were carrying drugs. This can happen when you’ve borrowed something. Perhaps you’re wearing your friends’ jeans, completely unaware of the baggie of marijuana in the back pocket. Maybe you borrowed your cousin’s car, got pulled over for speeding, and found yourself in trouble for drugs in the glove compartment.

Lack of Possession

Perhaps you were found near some drugs, but there’s no evidence directly linking you to those drugs. Imagine a car full of people getting pulled over, and drugs are found in the middle of the floor in the back. No one claims ownership, so the police just make a blanket arrest of everyone in the car.

Similar scenarios happen between roommates or landlords and tenants. Drugs are discovered, but there’s no reason to believe they belong to one person or another. If you were found next to narcotics, but the police can’t connect you to those narcotics, you may be able to preserve your freedom.


The drug world is closely connected to organized crime and other dangerous people. Sometimes, the organizations threaten people into working for them, attempting to distance themselves from the crimes.

If you were coerced into committing a crime, the court may have mercy on you and find you not guilty.

Improper Police Methods

In any arrest, it’s important to take a close look at the police and their methods. For instance, what prompted them to stop and search you in the first place? If there was no probable cause, anything they found could be inadmissible evidence.

Police can also abuse the searches themselves. They may have improperly monitored your communications. Perhaps they had a legitimate search warrant, but they went far beyond its boundaries, searching areas they did not have authority to.

The cops could also be guilty of entrapment. This is not the same as a sting operation or lying about being police. Entrapment occurs when the police lure someone into committing a crime. The victim could have no criminal history, and the crime is something they weren’t considering until the police enticed them.

If your attorney finds evidence of police impropriety, they may be able to get your case thrown out.

Contact us today to discuss your drug possession charges. We can listen, and we may be able to help craft a defense for you. Our number is (931) 361-4477. You can also reach us online.

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