WARNING: We have received reports that the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office is using a software program BANNED by the Federal Government.


The device is known as a computer/voice stress analyzer, or CVSA. It is essentially a laptop, microphone, and software program.  According to reports we have received, investigators are telling suspects in criminal investigations that they can clear their name if they agree to undergo the test and pass. The investigators falsely tell the person to be interviewed that the voice stress analyzer is 100% full-proof and better than a normal lie detector. If the suspect fails the test, they are then subjected to an intense interrogation using methods designed to extract a confession.


Here is what you should know if police attempt to use a voice stress analyzer. The devices have been discredited by the Pentagon. On March 30, 2006, ABC News reported that they had obtained a Pentagon study analyzing the usefulness of this “tool”. What the Pentagon study found was that the voice stress analyzer was “no better than ‘flipping a coin’ in detecting lies”. As a result of the Pentagon’s study, the Pentagon ordered the military to stop using CVSAs.


I believe that we all want to live in a world where law enforcement is honest and trustworthy. Law enforcement’s job is to uncover facts that can be used in court, not pursuing junk science. The use of discredited “tools” like this leads to public mistrust. When investigators tell suspects that something is “100% reliable” when the Pentagon equates it to “flipping a coin”, it damages police credibility. Its 2021, Law enforcement needs to be improving their public trust, not weakening it.


You ALWAYS have a right to have an attorney present when questioned by law enforcement. Furthermore, if you are interviewed by an officer who insists on using a voice stress analyzer and tells you that it’s accurate, you are dealing with an officer who is untrustworthy. Call an attorney immediately. You can end an interview at any time and request for an attorney. Here at Patton | Pittman we always recommend that you consult with any attorney before being interviewed by law enforcement as a criminal suspect.

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