How Long Does a DUI Conviction Stay on Your Record?

If you’ve been arrested and need to begin fighting a DUI charge, you need to know what to expect if you end up with a DUI conviction in Tennessee. Did you know that a DUI conviction can stay with you for life? With such serious consequences at stake, you need to be sure you do everything possible to fight a DUI charge. Hiring a seasoned DUI lawyer is vital to your ability to mount the strongest defense possible. A DUI conviction can have lasting consequences that can make it difficult for you to move on with your life.

Below are some of the most common questions clients have about DUI charges in Tennessee:

Will I lose my driver’s license if I get a DUI conviction? Whether or not you will lose your license after a DUI conviction depends on your driving record, your blood alcohol concentration at your arrest, and several other important details. If your DUI conviction involved loss of life or property damage, you could end up with serious consequences, including loss of driving privileges. You have ten days after your arrest to be schedule an administrative hearing to prevent a license revocation.

What happens after you’ve been arrested for a DUI? Once you’ve been arrested for a DUI, you should be cooperative and pay attention to details. Make certain the officers follow all the appropriate rules. If you think you were treated unfairly during the process, make a note, and alert your attorney so they can investigate the complaint. You have a right to remain silent, and if you choose to answer questions beyond basic details, the officers can use this as evidence in their case against you. Lastly, it’s imperative you reach out to find a DUI defense attorney as soon as you’re able.

Do I need a lawyer if it’s my first offense? It doesn’t matter if it’s your first offense or third; you need a Clarksville DUI attorney fighting on your side. Having a lawyer working on your case means you will have a strong legal defense and someone who can prepare you for court. Whether you choose a plea deal or decide to go to court, you may find it difficult to move forward with confidence without a legal advocate.

Are plea deals available in DUI cases? Your lawyer will develop a defense that best suits your situation. If the prosecution offers a plea deal in your case, your lawyer will bring the option to you. In Tennessee, first-time offenders are sometimes given the option of pleading their case down to a reckless driving charge. These charges, sometimes referred to as wet reckless charges, are considered a misdemeanor offense, which doesn’t count as a DUI offense.

A reckless driving plea consequences are as follows:

  • Class B misdemeanor
  • Up to six months in jail
  • Up to $580 in fines
  • Six demerit points

Developing DUI Defense Strategies for Clients Across Tennessee

Do you still have questions about DUI charges in Tennessee? Do you need clarifications about specific in your case? Tennessee has some of the strictest DUI laws in the nation. If you find yourself arrested on suspicion of drunk driving, you need a DUI lawyer who will help you navigate the process and protect your interests. At Patton | Pittman Attorneys, our lawyers will help you build a defense to fight the charges in your case. We have been practicing law in Tennessee for many years, and our attorneys have a combined 100 years of experience.Call us today at (931) 361-4477 to schedule a consultation, or you can use our online contact form to request more information.

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