Can I Get Fired for Getting a DUI?

Understanding the Extent to Which a DUI Conviction Can Affect Your Life

Drunk driving convictions carry hefty fines, lengthy jail sentences, and suspension of one’s driver’s license. Beyond the criminal penalties one could face, a DUI conviction has the potential to affect many aspects of one’s life, potentially even their employment status.

Tennessee Employment Laws

As Tennessee is an employment at will state, no cause is necessary to fire an employee. Still, federal and state laws protect individuals from a variety of wrongful causes for termination, such as being fired for:

  • A disability
  • Being called to jury duty
  • Being called to military service
  • Being subject to wage garnishment
  • Exercising their right of association
  • Filing for a workers’ compensation claim
  • Taking qualified leave
  • Their age, gender identity, nationality, race, religion, or sexual orientation
  • Voting
  • Whistleblowing

There are no protections for someone convicted of a DUI in Tennessee. In fact, an employer is legally able to terminate one’s employment based solely on a charge without the case ending in a conviction.

Affects on Professional Licenses

A DUI could affect more than your current role – it could affect your professional license and thus ability to continue working in your field for any employer. This applies to:

  • Commercial drivers
  • Insurance agents
  • Lawyers
  • Medical professionals
  • Pilots
  • Realtors
  • School staff

Our lawyers can help you get a thorough understanding of how your license could be jeopardized by a DUI charge.

How to Protect Your Employment After a DUI Conviction

Termination is not a guarantee after a DUI arrest or conviction. Still, in order to best protect yourself, it’s important to have a knowledgeable attorney working your case and defending your freedom. Contact Patton | Pittman online, or call us today at (931) 361-4477 to fight to protect your career.

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