The Number One Reason People Divorce

Why do people divorce? The answer typically offered in response to this question is sexual infidelity; however, believe it or not, that answer is incorrect. When evaluating the reasons provided by divorcees, failures to communicate appear to be the correct answer. More specifically, the experts have broken down some of the most common reasons for communication breakdown in marriage and include:

Marrying For the Wrong Reasons

Often when this reason is cited, people immediately think marrying for money or fame, but in reality, marrying because it’s “the right thing to do” or “because we’ve already invested so much in the relationship already” can also be poor reasons to insist on marriage. It’s always important for both parties to feel they have the freedom to say “no” before agreeing to such an important life decision.

Forgetting to Maintain the Relationship

Once married, it can be difficult to remember that, just like before marriage, a relationship requires care and attention. If a couple get so focused on “being married” and the things that often accompany that role (i.e. children), they often lose touch with each other and find, later in life, that they no longer have anything in common. Remembering that you are still a couple, even after marriage, is an important step in preventing a relationship from going stale.

Becoming Too Codependent on One Another

It is certainly important for a couple to have similar interests and goals, and to cultivate common ground, but becoming overly codependent on each other will not lead to a healthy relationship. Failing to develop an individual identity in a marriage can result in a sensation of drowning. Knowing you likes and dislikes and doing certain activities as an individual can actually help develop a more vibrant marriage.

There are certainly other areas of communication breakdown that can lead to a divorce, but the point is clear. In order to sustain a marriage relationship, communication is key. If you’ve found that communication in your marriage has already deteriorated, please don’t hesitate to contact our law firm. At Patton | Pittman, our Clarksville divorce attorneys understand the complexities of divorce and promise to provide you with the legal insight that you need to successfully move forward with your life.

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