How Can I End My Proxy Marriage?

The military makes life complicated for most of its service members. They’re always picking up and moving away, endless packing and unpacking. In addition to the deployments, military marriages take a hit from the long hours and lack of family support from frequent moves. Military service members are often forced to stretch the boundaries of the legal system because they sometimes need to have their contracts signed by other people using a power of attorney, or they need to secure a passport from another country or establish citizenship for their children while serving abroad – all of these exceptional circumstances complicate the legal world, but they make military lives easier. Proxy marriages are no different. Proxy marriages make it easier to get married while you aren’t living in the same city, state, or country.

Proxy Marriage

A proxy marriage provides a means for couples to get married when they aren’t both present in the same location. Proxy marriages are only available in a few states, and even then, at least one member in the couple is required to be a military service member or a state resident.

There are companies that specialize in proxy marriages, and one, in particular, is the only one in the country that provides double proxy marriages. In a double proxy marriage, neither party is at the wedding, and they use stand-ins to complete their legal marriage. Montana is the only state that allows double proxy marriage, and while they are the only state that allows double proxy marriages, once they are executed in Montana, they are considered legal in the remainder of the country.

How the Pandemic Affected Proxy Marriages

The pandemic presented many people with a strange half-life lived mostly alone for many months. While social distancing kept us in our homes, many were still able to meet new people via the internet. According to professionals who specialize in proxy marriages, the pandemic caused a significant increase in the number of scheduled proxy marriages for the year.

For military servicemembers hoping to find a solution to the pandemic separation from their fiancés, a proxy marriage may give you and your new spouse more rights to be together and share military resources. The state where you are stationed and your home marriage will play a very important role in the validity of your marriage. Some states treat proxy marriages the same as a traditional legal marriage, while others treat them as a form of common-law marriage.

Even if a state doesn’t allow proxy marriages to be performed, most recognize the validity of a marriage performed out of state. The exception to this standard is the State of Iowa, which doesn’t allow or validate out-of-state proxy marriages. Military personnel can request an annulment of their proxy marriage if they meet the standard for their home of record.

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